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Labour Law Compliance Audit

A Labour Law Audit is a thorough check of the company’s policies and procedures with the goal of preventing prosecutions or lawsuits. The legal audit conducted by QSCert Auditors provides a risk profile of the company from a legal perspective to detect any potential liabilities in its daily affairs.

With expertise in Labour Laws of multiple states,QSCert-India has distinguished clients across the country covering all industry segments. Our Auditors and Technical experts adopt a mentoring methodology to better educate clients on the need for compliance and overall compliance objectives thus enabling clients to create a culture of compliance within their own organizations. The audit is tailored to the specific needs of each client – from comprehensive E2E evaluations to single subject reviews covering the entire organization or specific verticals or lines of business.

The Audit exhaustively covers the Rules and Legislations applicable to the client’s industry or business enterprise and entails the following:

  • Identification of all legislations governing the functioning of the company with special reference to the concerned business segment.
  • Review of prevailing system, practices and level of compliance governing the business segment
  • Evaluate, analyse and assess the compliance program in an environment of continually changing needs and emerging risks and lead towards a 100% legally compliant company.
  • Produce a comprehensive audit report and gap analysis including risk analysis.
  • Implementation of an effective compliance system – provide required guidance and necessary facilities, provide options and recommendations to diminish or eliminate the risk wherever possible in the areas of legal obligations.
  • Suggestions for monitoring, self-audits and reporting system as part of MIS.

Key Benefits for the client arising out of the Compliance Audit:

  • Confidence in the company’s labour law compliance status and level.
  • Effective Vendor Management and control.
  • Improvement of overall compliance methodology.
  • Improving customer confidence due to elevated levels of legal compliance.

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